Human to Human is a new way for you to follow Jesus’ mission of mercy, compassion and hope.

Our Vision

Human to Human supports organizations to do Gods justice by sharing Jesus’ mission of mercy, compassion & hope in the world.

Human to Human supports outreach programs that provide direct service to community members facing economic, social support, and service challenges.

It is a direct action ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts. We are called by the Gospel to the margins of society, and this work is designed to fulfill that call.

While the work is inspired by the teachings of Jesus, we do not preach, we do not evangelize, and no religious participation is required to be part of our communities.

Human to Human is grounded in the deep belief that by acting with pure love we can help to change the nightmare of so many into the dream that God has for us. It is grounded in the deep belief that everyone deserves to be loved and accepted and welcomed as we are, even at our worst.

This message is life-changing. When you start believing it, that you are loved, and that you matter, that you are valued and that your future matters to God and the community that loves you, lives are changed.

We try to collapse the wall between ‘us’ and ‘them’ and see those we serve as people first. And when we feel that way, even as a volunteer, then the people we serve feel that way, too.

The people who make Human to Human work

Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers

Acting Director, Human to Human

Mark Rogers serves as the general manager, development director, and provides oversight for Human to Human's programs.
The Rev. Chris Carlisle

The Rev. Chris Carlisle

Director, Building Bridges

Chris is Director of the veterans ministry initiative, “Building Bridges.” Having spent twenty-five years in campus ministry, Chris is now dedicated to veterans’ ministry initiatives, outdoor Christian communities, and the innovation of new expressions of “church” in the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. Chris has served for seven years on the board of the nonprofit, Equitable Origin (
Melanie Cortis

Melanie Cortis

Administrative Assistant

Melanie provides administrative support to Human to Human and its programs.